Adam Brody Cracked Jokes With Dax Shepard About The Awkward ‘Three-Way’ He Had With His Wife, Kristen Bell


Adam Brody recently appeared on Dax Shepard’s podcast, The Armchair Expert, where they talked about — among other things — Dax nearly replacing Steve on Blue’s Clues, their shared obsession with rocket engineer Jack Parsons, how Brody “back-doored into hunkdom” on The O.C., and working with Vince Vaughn on Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

They also talked about Brody’s work with Dax Shepard’s wife, Kristen Bell, on the Showtime series House of Lies. As Brody explains it, he played the wealthy owner of a dildo company. In fact, they filmed their scenes in an actual dildo factory (and according to Shepard, Bell brought a nice gift bag home).

On the series, Brody also filmed a “love scene” with Bell and Dax Shepard’s, uh … yeah, Bell was pregnant with their daughter.

“Kristen was like eight months pregnant at the time, or at least about as pregnant as you can be,” Brody explained. “And we have a sex scene where we break-up during [the sex scene]. She was on top of me, which is about the only way she can be. It was pretty weird because your child was on my stomach,” Brody told Shepard. “Very, truly on my stomach.”

“When I first talked to you about it,” Shepard laughed, “you described it as ‘my only three-way on camera.’”

“It very much was,” Brody confirmed, although he added that it wasn’t even the most awkward part of that sex scene. “We shoot the close-ups. The three of us [Brody, Bell, and the fetus],” Brody says, “and then for the wide shot, they bring in a 21-year-old stand-in with pasties and she has to sit on me very awkwardly, slowly gyrating for the wide shot, and we’re trying to avoid eye contact. And we’re both like, ‘Uh, hi, nice to meet you.’ It was so brutal for both of us.”

The two also wax poetic about the thankless job of playing a body double for sex scenes. “There is almost no reward,” Shepard said. Brody agreed. “You have no rapport, you don’t know them, and they’re not allowed to speak on camera. It’s just unfortunate.”

Brody can be seen in The Kid Detective in some theaters, although the film should be available on streaming formats soon. It looks surprisingly good.

Source: Adam Brody Cracked Jokes With Dax Shepard About The Awkward ‘Three-Way’ He Had With His Wife, Kristen Bell

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Written by Dustin Rowles

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