‘Fidel Castro’ Is Trending Because Parler Users Are Accusing The Supreme Court Of Conspiring With The Dead Dictator To Screw Over Trump

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A lot of people were giddy when when the Supreme Court unanimously threw Trump under the bus (and that included no dissent from Amy Coney Barrett) with a refusal to even hear the GOP’s bid to overturn the election. The celebratory group, though, does not include Parler users, and they’re dragging a dead dictator into it. Yep, Fidel Castro died in 2016 at age 90, but that hasn’t stopped members of the online MAGA utopia from apparently blaming Castro for bribing the highest court in the land?

Parler’s a real strange place, and it’s a place that has apparently also sent frustrated conservative users back to Facebook, where they’re complaining about Parler after trashing both Facebook and Twitter for “censorship” against hate speech and harmful conspiracy theories. So, there’s not a lot of logic going on there, and that also applies to this SCOTUS stuff. As a result, Fidel Castro is now a Twitter trending topic because of Parler-based temper tantrums and conspiracy theories, which include accusing Trump Elite Strike Team members Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis of faking their Covid-19 positive statuses, so they can give up the (fruitless) fight.

Parler users are now saying Trump's entire legal team is faking COVID because they no longer want to fight for Trump & that Trump's own Supreme Court justices have been bribed by Fidel Castro to join the CCP (I'm unfortunately not joking)

— William LeGate 🇺🇸 (@williamlegate) December 9, 2020

Parler appears to have truly lost it, so The Walking Dumb jokes are happening. Not only are users coming for Rudy and Jenna, but they also appear to truly believe that the three Trump-appointed justices — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — accepted a bribe from the late Cuban revolutionary dictator to swing the election for Biden (who truly won the election, fair and square, by way of the electoral college).

Parler has truly lost it.

They are now accusing Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani of faking their COVID diagnoses to get out of working to overturn Biden’s election win.

They are also claiming Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett have been bribed by Fidel Castro 😳

— chris evans (@notcapnamerica) December 9, 2020

First zombie Hugo Chavez rigged our election. Then a herd of dead people voted in Michigan. Now Fidel Castro-corpse is bribing our Supreme Court according to Parler users. I really think this Walking Dead plot line has jumped the shark.

— Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine (@BleedingMarine) December 9, 2020

MAGA peeps on Parler are now saying that the SCOTUS is being paid by Fidel Castro to go against Trump. Won’t be long before they call Biden’s cat a spy from the Chinese Communist Party cuz it says Mao Mao

— POTUS EXPLODUS Singh MD 🌊 (@LabyrinthWeaver) December 9, 2020

This stuff is so wild that you truly can’t make it up, unless, of course, it’s possible that people are embellishing additional details to make Parler users seem even nuttier? Like, it’s genuinely impossible to know whether they’d believe what the below tweet has to offer about Barrett “OnStage wearing a Strap-On at a Marilyn Manson Concert!” (Marilyn Manson did not ask to be dragged into this mess, and that much is true).

BREAKING on Parler: PROOF that Justice Amy Boney Carrot is a Confirmed Deep State Swamp Muppet! Fidel Castro has leveraged This Traitor to Trump, with Now Uncovered Polaroids of Her OnStage wearing a Strap-On at a Marilyn Manson Concert! More Shocking Details to Follow. #Parler

— Rick Grenagle (@RickGrenagle) December 9, 2020

Between this and Parler’s porn problem, the snake is truly eating its own tail.

Source: ‘Fidel Castro’ Is Trending Because Parler Users Are Accusing The Supreme Court Of Conspiring With The Dead Dictator To Screw Over Trump

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Written by Kimberly Ricci

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