College Football’s Hit Of The Year Came Via Alabama Receiver John Metchie

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Alabama is known for having freaks of nature at every single position. Their players tend to be bigger, faster, and stronger than most everyone else — even when there are other teams that are really, really good, the Crimson Tide just have dudes whose physicality can take your breath away, regardless of which position they play.

An example of this was put on display on Saturday night in the SEC Championship Game against Florida. Alabama quarterback Mac Jones tried to force a ball in a really tight window on an early third down and got picked off by Gators defensive back Trey Dean. He had some room for a return, at which point he ran into John Metchie, a wide receiver for the Tide who apparently doubles as being Brian Dawkins every now and then.

John Metchie and DeVonta Smith coming up with new ways to help Alabama.

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) December 20, 2020

John Metchie. Just wow.

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) December 20, 2020

Metchie hit Dean so hard that he lost the football and, I have to assume, got knocked into another dimension. The ball was recovered by DeVonta Smith, one of Metchie’s fellow receivers. And on the next play, this happened:

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Touchdown DeVonta Smith!

— CBS Sports (@CBSSports) December 20, 2020

You would think by now opposing teams would learn that you should never, ever give Alabama a second chance to score, because they will, but in fairness to the Gators, they probably did not expect a receiver to hit like this.

Source: College Football’s Hit Of The Year Came Via Alabama Receiver John Metchie

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Written by Bill DiFilippo

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