Trump Is Mad That Magazines Didn’t Put Melania On Their Covers During His Presidency

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In one sense, it might seem odd that Melania Trump, a former model, has not been a fixture of magazine covers over the last four years. But in other ways, it’s not surprising: Her husband has been a relentless source of controversy, and Melania, while often quiet or lurking behind the scenes, has done her share to add to that unpleasant mystique. (Then again, she’s never more relatable than when she appears to despise him and his children.) But there’s one person who thinks the media should have been treated like a goddess: her husband, Donald Trump.

The outgoing president spent Christmas Day as he spends most days: golfing and rage-tweeting. In this case, it was a quote-tweet of one of his sycophantic media outlets, Breitbart, who published an article calling out the “elitist snobs in the fashion press” who have “kept the most elegant First Lady in American history off the covers of their magazines for 4 consecutive years.”

The greatest of all time. Fake News!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 25, 2020

Trump added some brief, albeit autopilot, thoughts of his own, seeming to call his wife the “greatest of all time” and throwing in a vaguely directed chorus of “Fake news!” As ever with the 45th president, don’t try to parse the logic of what exactly was “fake news” about magazine covers not granting prime real estate to a woman who dismissed immigrant children being caged.

Perhaps it was all a ploy to stop her from leaving him once he’s out of office and subject to all manner of financial and legal duress. Whatever the case, it was one of the only tweets he’s made in weeks to not get flagged by Twitter’s top brass for spreading misinformation, so maybe he’s right?

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Source: Trump Is Mad That Magazines Didn’t Put Melania On Their Covers During His Presidency

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