‘Super Gonorrhea’ Is Exploding Due To COVID-19, And People Online Are Just Tired Of 2020

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This year has been a real one, and it ain’t over yet. As of this writing, there’s less than a week before 2020 gives way to a hopefully far, far superior 2021. But there’s still plenty of time for some more random, unpleasant surprises. Indeed, on Sunday people hanging out on Twitter saw some curious things trending. There was Hilaria Baldwin, who had been accused of pretending to be Spanish. And then there was something far, far worse: something called “Super Gonorrhea.” And it wasn’t some kind of joke: There’s a new, mutant strain of the venereal disease, and sure enough it was made possible by COVID-19.

As per The Sun, the World Health Organization reported that the overuse of antibiotics to treat the coronavirus — sometimes unnecessarily — has caused the sexually transmitted infection to find a new way to thrive. And thrive it has: Case numbers, which usually average 90 million globally per year, are up 17%. What’s more, “super gonorrhea” is well-named, with The Sun reporting that it “can lead to a five-fold increase of HIV transmission and eye infections that may lead to blindness.”

One reason the new strain is exploding is because most people aren’t going to the hospital unless they come down with COVID-19 symptoms. Instead they’re self-medicating, meaning, a WHO spokesperson told The Sun, that doctors aren’t catching this disease in time. And to make matters worse, “super gonorrhea” is extremely resistant to antibiotics.

So that’s fun! And when faced with cartoonishly, creatively bad news like this, people on Twitter responded with gallows humor. Because what else can one do? (Apart from try not to catch it.)

It anit even 2021 yet and we got Super Gonorrhea moving in #2021goals

— Powder Pete 🎿 (@steep_deeped) December 27, 2020

I don’t read comic books, is Super Gonorrhea in the DC or Marvel Universe?

— Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA) December 27, 2020

SUPER GONORRHEA ? 🧐🧐 chile 2020 been dog walking our ass ever since the clock struck 12. can we get a break 😭

— hoe, why is you here ✨ (@majestysdiary) December 27, 2020

When you see Super Gonorrhea trending & the first thought is to say #DonTheGon

Maybe I should step away

— Ariana D Michaels 🏳️‍🌈 (@ArianaDMichaels) December 27, 2020

What the fuck is super Gonorrhea this why I don’t give dick out now


Nobody :

Super Gonorrhea :

— FREDOLOSOPHY (@fredolosophy) December 27, 2020

Why tf do I check the trending page and see super gonorrhea, I don’t need this negativity going into 2021

— Isaac Marquez (@HomieHotDog) December 27, 2020

is super gonorrhea trending because of that wonder woman movie

— Sarah Beattie (@nachosarah) December 27, 2020

We got 4 days left of this trifling ass year and it just threw Super Gonorrhea at us. Can we please get a break

— nattee (@poisonusviper) December 27, 2020

Then again, some people weren’t worried about catching a sexually transmitted infection in this socially distanced hellscape.

My celibate ass seeing super gonorrhea trending

👑MISANDRIST-QBB 👑 (@saltycrackas8) December 27, 2020

Me after learning that Super Gonorrhea is only transmitted sexually….

— Jo7epH (@_VintagethirsT_) December 27, 2020

(Via The Sun)

Source: ‘Super Gonorrhea’ Is Exploding Due To COVID-19, And People Online Are Just Tired Of 2020

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