There’s Reportedly Growing Belief Deshaun Watson Has Played His Final Game For The Texans

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There are two NFL Divisional Playoff games happening on Sunday but once again the dominant talking point of a playoff Sunday is the status of quarterback Deshaun Watson’s discontent with the Houston Texans.

Watson’s frustration with the situation in Houston has been widely reported, and a week ago, word emerged that he could consider pushing for a trade if the Texans don’t make some major organizational changes. Houston has apparently, finally, reached out to interview Chiefs OC Eric Bienemy, who is Watson’s preferred head coaching candidate, and it’s possible that should they hire him things can be smoothed over with the superstar.

However, things only got worse for the Texans this week when the best player in franchise history, Andre Johnson, called out the organization and specifically VP Jack Easterby for regularly “wasting players careers” and telling Watson to stand his ground. On Sunday, reports shifted from “Watson may look to leave Houston” to a growing belief that he has played his last game, per ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen.

There is a growing sense from people in and around the Texans’ organization that Deshaun Watson has played his last snap for the team. It’s early in the off-season, there’s a lot of time left, but Watson’s feelings cannot and should not be underestimated.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 17, 2021

It seems to be a matter of Bienemy or bust if the Texans are to keep Watson around, and as Schefter also reported, the job may not be all that appetizing to someone of Bienemy’s stature right now.

One league source connected to the Texans’ HC situation said Saturday: “It’s gone from the least desirable head coaching job (opening) to the most undesirable head coaching job in the NFL. That’s a fact. That’s how that job is now looked at by everybody.”

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 17, 2021

Mortensen and Schefter both went on Sunday NFL Countdown to note that Watson was likely done in Houston, with Miami still as a preferred destination, but what would be fascinating about a Watson trade sweepstakes is that nearly every team in the league would at least have to reach out to see what Houston is looking for. It should be noted that there is no reporting that a trade request is official and Watson hasn’t even spoken with the Texans brass about his future just yet, but the writing seems to be on the wall that barring something rather dramatic changing in the organization, this may be it.

As for trade possibilities, Miami fits the bill of being a team on the rise with an intriguing young QB that Houston could see as a long-term solution and tons of draft capital, but other teams can likewise make major offers. The Jets have tons of draft picks at their disposal as well, while teams like the 49ers could offer a QB swap with Jimmy Garoppolo as well as draft compensation. In total, you have to think two-thirds of the league, at least, would be putting in calls because it’s exceedingly rare that a quarterback of Watson’s caliber — a legit top-5 QB talent in the NFL — hits the trade market. Watson will have final say on the matter as he has a no-trade clause, but that also means other contenders might jump into the mix feeling they can convince him they provide the best opportunity to win now.

While it is the latest sign of dysfunction in Houston, it also presents them with the opportunity to remake their organization with one trade, and if Watson really is done with the Texans that will just have to be their viewpoint going forward.

Source: There’s Reportedly Growing Belief Deshaun Watson Has Played His Final Game For The Texans

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