Lady Gaga And The Obamas Shared A Friendly Hug At The Inauguration And People Loved It

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Lady Gaga delivered a show-stopping rendition of the National Anthem at Biden’s inauguration Wednesday, but her performance wasn’t the only thing people were talking about. After Biden was officially sworn in, Gaga made her way to Barack and Michelle Obama to share a friendly hug, and people were absolutely loving it.

As elected officials and their family members were mingling on stage after the inauguration events concluded, people still watching noticed that Gaga had a heartwarming interaction with the Obamas.

Lady Gaga smiles at Barack Obama moments before taking the stage #InaugurationDay

⚔ GAGA DAILY ⚔ (@gagadaily) January 20, 2021

Lady Gaga with Michelle & Barack Obama.

— GAGAIMAGES (@gagaimages) January 20, 2021

Lady Gaga hugging Michelle Obama yeah I have chills… this picture is so powerful

— Anthony 🚨 Lady Gaga News (@antpats2) January 20, 2021

This Obama-Lady Gaga hug is also a highlight of this event. (Michelle also hugged Lady Gaga later.)

— JC Punongbayan (@jcpunongbayan) January 20, 2021

Fans were also attempting to guess what Gaga and Obama were discussing during their conversation. One user joked that Gaga had asked Obama if she could sell her orange and pink-colored Chromatica Oreo cookies at the White House.

I want to know what Gaga and Obama were talking about so badly

— Hayes Brown (@HayesBrown) January 20, 2021

Lady Gaga is probably asking Obama is she can sell her Oreos in the White House

— Lorcan ✨ #STREAMCHEMTRAILS (@fr00tycumtrails) January 20, 2021

Obama just rapped with Lady Gaga and A-Rod for like 20 minutes then gave a quick walk-by “how you doing?” to a bunch of senators ☠☠☠

— Tim Alberta (@TimAlberta) January 20, 2021

Ahead of delivering the National Anthem, Gaga took to social media to share the message of unity she wanted to bring with her performance. “Singing our National Anthem for the American People is my honor,” she wrote. “I will sing during a ceremony, a transition, a moment of change–between POTUS 45 and 46. For me, this has great meaning. My intention is to acknowledge our past, be healing for our present, and passionate for a future where we work together lovingly. I will sing to the hearts of all people who live on this land.”

See photos of Gaga and Obama’s heartwarming interaction at the inauguration above.

Source: Lady Gaga And The Obamas Shared A Friendly Hug At The Inauguration And People Loved It

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