The Music World Reacts To The Loss Of Scottish Producer Sophie

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Scottish producer Sophie has tragically died at the age of 34 after an accidental fall, and their outsized impact on the pop world is being mourned after the news broke. Sophie’s label, Transgressive, and management company Future Classic confirmed the news and many of their peers and fellow musicians are sharing an outpouring of support and grief at the tragic loss.

The avant-garde pop producer and performer was in Athens, Greece at the time of their death. “True to her spirituality she had climbed up to watch the full moon and accidentally slipped and fell. She will always be here with us,” the label wrote in their confirmation of the devastating news. “The family thank everyone for their love and support and request privacy at this devastating time.”

Sophie’s last album, 2019’s Oil Of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides was the first record to prominently feature the producer’s vocals, releasing after Sophie came out as transgender and shared their identity with the world. The album was widely regarded as one of the best electronic records of the year, and was nominated for a 2019 Grammy at in the Best Dance/Electronic Album category. It is a tragedy for the music world to lose such a force at such a young age, and fans and critics are joining artists in mourning.

Heartbreaking news. The world has lost an angel. A true visionary and icon of our generation. Your light will continue to inspire so many for generations to come. Thinking of Sophie’s family and friends at this hard time ❤

— samsmith (@samsmith) January 30, 2021

RIP SOPHIE 💗 u were the sweetest – an icon and a visionary. the world and our community has lost a beautiful soul

— RINA SAWAYAMA (@rinasawayama) January 30, 2021

Sophie was a stellar producer, a visionary, a reference. She rebelled against the narrow, normative society by being an absolute triumph, both as an artist and as a woman. I can’t believe she is gone. We need to honor and respect her memory and legacy. Cherish the pioneers.

— Chris (@QueensChristine) January 30, 2021

RIP SOPHIE. A huge loss. Thank you for the creations you left us with in this world 💔

— Kelly Lee Owens (@kellyleeowens) January 30, 2021

it's so insane that 8 years after i first added these mp3s to my itunes the music is still so satisfying, challenging, funny, scary, sexy, camp, expertly crafted in both musical and production terms, revealing different details every listen.

— jg (@jacquesgreene) January 30, 2021

the word gets thrown around a lot – but she was a genius.a real one.we had her.she gave us so much

— jg (@jacquesgreene) January 30, 2021

Rest In Peace to SOPHIE. I found myself so consistently inspired by her and in awe of her production. Heartbroken to hear this

— FINNEAS (@finneas) January 30, 2021

We lost a shining light.. at a loss for words, thank you SOPHIE.

— ℵ (@nicolas___jaar) January 30, 2021

the loss of sophie is huge. she’s been at the forefront for a long time and we see her influence in every corner of music. if you’re not aware of what she has done then today is the day to listen to all her brilliant work. you’ll hear an artist who arrived before everyone else.

— jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) January 30, 2021

an artist who truly had the ideas first and the guts to put it out there. i was never in the same room as sophie but have felt her presence countless times through her work.

— jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) January 30, 2021

it is rare that we get to live at the same time as an artist so truly singular. if it's the actual sound of her work which is the definition of new, or the feeling behind it … it was legendary during her life and will continue to be after.

— jackantonoff (@jackantonoff) January 30, 2021

-Damn man…rest in peace SOPHIE. This is so sad. I can’t believe this😢

— Jlin the Innovator aka The Drum Doctor (@Jlin_P) January 30, 2021

I’m heartbroken.Thank you Sophie Rest In Power! You will always be remembered as a true game changer, powerful presence and an incredibly original producer ! Your music and production brought me so much joy!

— Peaches (@peaches) January 30, 2021

This SOPHIE news really sucks… aside from being a literal genius she was just a genuinely caring person. Rest easy my love 🦋

— Shamir (@ShamirBailey) January 30, 2021

Thinking about the last time I saw Sophie in France. I remember her getting off stage as I was going on. She was wearing patent leather. I never remember what anyone was wearing but I remember that and how beautiful she was in every way.

— THE BLESSED MADONNA (@Blessed_Madonna) January 30, 2021

RIP SOPHIE. so devastating – a true pioneer and icon

— TKAY ⚡ (@TKAYMAIDZA) January 30, 2021

everything she touched was exciting, fearless and beyond innovative – you could really feel her soul in the music so beautiful, raw & fearless. i’m so thankful to have existed in a time where i could be inspired by sophie in real time. god bless

— TKAY ⚡ (@TKAYMAIDZA) January 30, 2021

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